Ticket Resale Websites

ticket resale websites

Ticket Resale Websites

There are a variety of ticket resale websites. Check out StubHub, Vivid Seats, and TicketsNow for instance, or even purchase tickets through eBay. We’ve listed the top websites for resales below. The most well-known is TicketNetwork. There are other sites too. Here is a quick review of the best four ticket resale websites.


StubHub lets you purchase tickets to concerts and sports and stand-up comedy. To begin, sign up to buy tickets. Next, answer some questions. Then, you’ll be able to deliver the tickets using one of the numerous ways StubHub offers. If you’d rather ship the tickets yourself, contact an agent. In addition, StubHub guarantees that all customers will receive valid tickets.

StubHub is an online ticket resales site operated by Jeff Fluhr and Eric Baker. They first met while employed in San Francisco as investment bankers. In 2003, StubHub started to earn money. They sold the site to eBay in 2007 for $310 million. StubHub has been at the center of eBay’s ticket selling business since 2007. Anyone from any walk of life can offer tickets through StubHub and gain from its user-friendly platform.

StubHub is the most popular online marketplace for tickets. It brings together ticket buyers as well as sellers. It is a subordinate of eBay Inc., and began operations in 2000. Although it has become one of the most well-known online ticket marketplaces in recent years but it faces competition from other ticket-resales websites. If you stick to certain guidelines, you can still purchase tickets from StubHub.

Although StubHub has an extensive inventory however, it focuses on concert tickets. You can browse by the genre or by location to locate tickets. Festival tickets can be filtered by price, seat type, and more. Prior to buying tickets, it is possible to do an online price comparison to your local box office. There is a $7.95 charge for checking tickets. StubHub is one of the most reliable ticket resales sites to purchase tickets from.

Vivid Seats

Fans of concerts can visit the Vivid Seats ticket resale site to purchase tickets to a specific concert or occasion. There are numerous options that range from country music’s biggest stars to Latin performers. The site allows concert ticket buyers to advertise and sell tickets, and even refund unused tickets. There are four steps to selling tickets: listing the tickets and notifying the buyer. The tickets can then be delivered by mail or by email to the purchaser.

The Vivid Seats website for reselling tickets is the leading provider of concert tickets. It’s able to get over 40,000 brand-name search each month, which is significantly less than StubHub’s two million per month. The prices for reselling tickets can vary and range from 18 30 percent to 70% of the price. They are nevertheless reasonable when compared to other ticket resales websites.

The Vivid Seats website shouldn’t be used for purchasing tickets to events if you are concerned regarding security. It is highly unlikely that the website will be able to protect your personal information. It is best not to buy tickets from Vivid Seats if you are concerned about having access to your personal information that is not yours. Prior to buying tickets at Vivid Seats you must read through the terms and conditions. It is essential to confirm that the event has a 100% refund guarantee. If not, the seller might not honor the promise. This is a reason to be worried.

If you are concerned about the security of your tickets, it is recommended to read customer reviews. While some Vivid seats reviews are not favorable however, they represent only the smallest portion of their overall customer base. Even though the quality of tickets may not always be the highest but they’re still an alternative. The company also has an obligation to inform customers of any changes to venues and dates. The customer support team is available and will assist customers get authentic tickets.


Ticketmaster, the largest website for reselling tickets, has recently acquired TicketsNow. The company settled two significant investigations into ticket-scalping during February 2009. Eric Schniederman, the New York Attorney General, is seat geek a scam requested that the company make significant changes to the ticket distribution process. He also referred to Songkick as the site which sold more than 70% of Springsteen’s concert tickets in 2009.

TicketsNow allows sellers to choose the amount they’d like to sell their tickets at. When a purchaser makes the decision, they’ll be asked to enter their billing address as well as credit card details. The buyer is then given options for pricing their tickets. The majority of ticket brokers offer a fee of 10 percent or less to provide their services. Sellers can also determine a minimum selling price and set a „list until“ date.

Another popular marketplace for tickets is StubHub. It has more buyers and sellers than any other site. The site offers a visually appealing buying experience that highlights the view from every seat. Sellers are also assessed a 10% selling fee based on the number of tickets sold. Before selling tickets through TicketsNow sellers have to take pictures of the tickets. In order for the sale to be successful, the fee for selling is approximately 15%.

Ticketmaster has a subsidiary called TicketsNow that specializes in reselling tickets to events. TicketsNow is similar to StubHub, but it lacks the huge market share of tickets with a brand name that StubHub has. The users of TicketsNow aren’t much more diverse than StubHub that has more than ninety percent of brand-name searches per month.


If you’ve never been to a live event previously, you may be wondering if TicketNetwork is a reliable site. The model of business is similar to eBay’s model: you post your tickets, and the site handles all transactions. TicketNetwork additionally charges the service fee as well as delivery charges based on the time before the event and venue. If you’d like to list your tickets on TicketNetwork it is possible to do so using a Point of Sale software.

The company has been in business for over 20 years and has a long list of satisfied customers. One lawsuit against TicketNetwork asserts that it had published fake listings in addition to real ones. If a user hovered over the tiny question mark icon there was a possibility to see that such listings were made public. So, the buyers were able to see that the seller hadn’t received the tickets yet and would not send them until the event. In the end they would be able to conclude that the tickets were safe and had no chance of being stolen or lost.

Another popular resale site is Razorgator with an easy-to-use interface. It lets sellers set their own prices without the need to negotiate with buyers. They can also schedule delivery, though it depends on the source of the ticket. The user interface of Razorgator is very simple and it is charged 10 percent service fees. Razorgator is another website offering ticket resales. It’s an excellent choice for people who do not want to pay a lot but still need affordable tickets to an event.

TicketNetwork lets you sell tickets with the help https://sites.google.com/site/legitticketsites/megaseats-reviews of the app that works with desktop and mobile devices. It is also possible to use the application to buy and sell tickets at the same time. TicketNetwork lets you sell tickets in the United States only. It doesn’t sell the customer’s information. There is also the option of buying gift cards that are less than face value. It is possible to purchase tickets for resales and tickets using gift certificates. In addition, you can enjoy additional amenities.


Craigslist is an excellent online service for finding cheap tickets. It allows you to list items on the internet for a modest cost and let sellers reduce tickets to less than counterparts. Tickets can be purchased on eBay but you’ll need to negotiate the price as sellers are usually desperate to sell their stuff and are typically willing to sell their items at less than their value.

Make sure you call first to schedule a meeting. Though you can email or text to arrange a meeting however, there are some who offer tickets on Craigslist that do not meet face-to face. Instead of wasting your time, phone and ask for a meeting. You could offer your ticket to charity if have a story of your own to share.

Craigslist scams are yet another warning sign. Although the website is a great source of information, it is important to be wary of purchasing fake tickets on Craigslist. Buying a fake ticket can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, not counting the inconvenience of having to wait in the event. Craigslist has had more than 5,000,000 users be victimized by ticket resale frauds. You should never purchase tickets from a source that is not known.

It’s a risk using an online classified site. While Craigslist permits sellers and buyers to meet, it does provide protection to sellers or buyers from scam listings. Be certain to report any suspicious listings to the Craigslist website , as the listings could be fraudulent. You might even be buying a ticket for a performance that is already taking place. Be cautious and stay safe! Be aware that there are many fraudsters on the web.

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